Friday, July 1, 2016

[Botany • 2013] Bulbophyllum aureoflavum • A New Orchid of the Genus Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) from Western Ghats of Southern India

Bulbophyllum aureoflavum  
Karuppusamy & Ravichandran 


Bulbophyllum aureoflavum, a new orchid from Western Ghats of southern India, is described and illustrated. The new species, Bulbophyllum aureoflavum, is rare and known presently only from the type locality in southern Western Ghats. This species is related to B. elegantulum and B. fischeri, but differs by having a thick rhizome, subglobose pseudopbulb, bendant filiform scape, and a light golden yellowish, glabrous flower.

Keywords: Bulbophyllum aureoflavum; new species; pantropical; taxonomy

Diagnosis: The species can be differentiated from its allied species only when flowering during the dry months of May and June. The species is easily overlooked because its small bulbs and leaves are similar to those of Bulbophyllum elegantulum J. J. Sm. and B. fischeri Seidenf. Bulbophyllum aureoflavum which can be distinguished by its long, filiform, pendent, 12-flowered scape and by its golden yellowish, elliptic, connate, glabrous, and lateral sepals. Haec species Bulbophyllum elegantulum et B. fischeri similes, rhizome crassis, pseudobulbis subglobosis, scapus filiformis, flores aureo-flavo, sepalum elongato-ovatum, labello profunde sulcate differt.

Distribution: Endemic to the Munnar-Devicolam Range of Western Ghats, Kerala State, India, growing on shaded rocks at about 1200m. It is known only from the type locality.

Remarks: The present study noticed only 15 well-separated clumps, each of no more than 100 bulbs on shaded rocks next to the road from Devicolam to Poopara. 

S. Karuppusamy and V. Ravichandran. 2013. A New Orchid of the Genus Bulbophyllum (Orchidaceae) from Western Ghats of Southern India.
  TAPROBANICA. 5(2); 120-123. DOI:  10.4038/tapro.v5i2.6285