Saturday, July 23, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Begonia manuselaensis • A New Species of Begonia sect. Petermannia (Begoniaceae) from Manusela National Park, Seram, Maluku province, Indonesia

Begonia manuselaensis 
Ardhaka & Ardi 


A new species of BegoniaBmanuselaensis Ardhaka & Ardi, is described from Seram, Maluku province, Indonesia. The species is endemic to Seram and belongs to Begonia section Petermannia.

Keywords: Begonia, endemic, Manusela, Molucca, new species.

Begonia manuselaensis Ardhaka & Ardi spec. nov. § Petermannia

 Type: Indonesia, cultivated at Bali and Bogor Botanic Garden from vegetative material collected in the wild (Manusela National Park, Seram Island, Indonesia), 22 February 2016. Wisnu Ardi, WI 104 (holotype BO!; isotype KRB! SING). Fig. 1.

Diagnosis. Similar to Begonia gemella differing from that species by the very sparse indumentum of red emergences on vegetative parts, ovate to elliptic lamina with serrate margin, and longer female flower pedicel 1.6–4 cm long (glabrous vegetative parts, suborbicular lamina with sublobed margin and female flower pedicels 7 mm long in B. gemella)

I.M. Ardhaka, W.H. Ardi, N.K.E. Undaharta and I.G. Tirta. 2016. A New Species Begonia from Manusela National Park, Seram. 
Reinwardtia. 15(1): 61 – 64.  DOI:  10.14203/reinwardtia.v15i1.2443