Sunday, July 31, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Magnolia llanganatensis • A New Species (Subsect. Talauma, Magnoliaceae) from Tungurahua, central Ecuador and A Key to Species of Magnolia of Ecuador

Magnolia llanganatensis  
 A. Vázquez & D. A. Neill 


Magnolia llanganatensis A. Vázquez & D. A. Neill (Magnoliaceae, subsection Talauma), a new species from the Cordillera de los Llangantes region of central Ecuador, near the Tungurahua-Pastaza border, is described and illustrated. It is distinguished from all other species of Magnolia subsection Talauma in having a (4–)5-carpellate fruit. It differs from Bolivian M. madidiensis A. Vázquez in having larger tree size, smaller size of terminal twig internodes, smaller leaf blades with acute apex vs. obtuse; larger number of foliar lateral veins per side, hypsophylls pubescent vs. glabrous; smaller number of carpels, and styles acute vs. apiculate. The new species is only known from the Río Zuñac watershed on the Tunguarahua side of the Cordillera Llanganates, while the latter is known only from Madidi National Park, La Paz, Bolivia. An updated key to Ecuadorian species of Magnolia subsection Talauma is provided.

Keywords: Cordillera de los Llanganates, Cubenses, Dugandiodendron, Macrophylla, oligomerization, oligocarpic, Pastaza.

 José Antonio Vázquez-García, David Alan Neill, Fausto Recalde and Mercedes Asanza. 2016. Magnolia llanganatensis, una especie nueva y clave para las especies ecuatorianas de Magnolia (subseción Talauma, Magnoliaceae). [Magnolia llanganatensis (Subsect. Talauma, Magnoliaceae), a new species from Tungurahua and a key to species of Magnolia of Ecuador] Botanical Sciences. 94(2).