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[Botany • 2013] Begonia jamilahana • A Remarkable New Species of Begonia sect. Petermannia (Begoniaceae) from Brunei Darussalam [Novitates Bruneienses, 2]

Fig. 1. Begonia jamilahana Y.W.Low, Joffre & Ariffin.
A. Habit. B. Close-up of upper leaf surface. C. Detail of stem showing red nodes. D. Close-up of male portion of inflorescence. E. Close-up of female flowers. F. Detail of styles showing twisted papillose stigmas. G. Cross section of an immature fruit. H. Immature fruit (side view). I. Detail of a stipule.
A & B from P. Azlan et al. BRUN 23373, C–J from ex-situ collection at BRUN. 
Photos: A & B, A.K. Muhammad Ariffin; C–J, Y.W. Low


Begonia jamilahana Y.W.Low, Joffre & Ariffin is described and illustrated here as a new species based on a collection from Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam. This new taxon is closely related to B. conniegeriae S.Julia & Kiew and B. papyraptera Sands, but differs in a suite of morphological characters. Begonia jamilahana is placed in Begonia section Petermannia, the largest of all the sections recognised.

Keywords. Begonia jamilahana, Begoniaceae, Borneo

Begonia jamilahana Y.W.Low, Joffre & Ariffin, sp. nov. (sect. Petermannia)
Similar to Begonia papyraptera Sands but differs in having a smooth and terete stem, leaf blade scantily covered with translucent hispid hairs on both sides, upper mature leaf surface dark green with red markings on vein axil nodes nearer to the base of the leaf, lower leaf surface pale green, and base of capsule wings cuneate. 
 TYPE: Brunei, Tutong District, Lamunin, Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, Compartment 1, 58 m, 4°42’16”N 114°44’12”E, lowland mixed dipterocarp forest on yellow sandy clay soils, steep slope, 15 Dec 2010, P. Azlan, A.K. Muhd. Ariffin, A. Watu & M. Rauzaidi BRUN 23373 (holotype BRUN (including spirit material); isotypes K, SING). (Fig. 1, 2)

Distribution and habitat. Begonia jamilahana is so far known only from the Ladan Hills Forest Reserve, where it was documented on steep earth banks and adjacent slopes in the mixed dipterocarp forest on yellow sandy clay soils.

Etymology. This species is named for Hajah Jamilah binti Haji Abdul Jalil, acting Deputy Director of the Brunei Forestry Department, upon her retirement in 2015, as a token of appreciation for her excellent service rendered to the Forestry Department, as well as her unwavering support for the Brunei-Singapore botanical exploration programme.

 Y.W. Low, A.A. Joffre and A.K. Muhammad Ariffin. 2013. Novitates Bruneienses, 2. A Remarkable New Species of Begonia sect. Petermannia (Begoniaceae) from Brunei Darussalam. Gardens’ Bulletin Singapore. 67(1): 61–68. DOI: 10.3850/S2382581215000071