Wednesday, July 27, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Bulbophyllum translucidum • A New Species of Bulbophyllum sect. Sestochilus (Orchidaceae) from Mindanao Island, the Philippines

Bulbophyllum translucidum  
Kindler, R. Bustamante & Ferreras  

Diagnosis: The new species differs from other members in Section Sestochilus by its angular ovary ribs as well as by the long acuminate to caudate shaped tips of the sepals and petals.

Key words: , new description, section Sestochilus (Breda) Benth & Hook.f., Philippines

Type: Philippines, Mindanao Island, Province of Agusan del Sur,

 Distribution: Endemic to the Philippines, occurs in limestone forest patches in Agusan del Sur on the Island of Mindanao and in lowland forest on Samar Island and Leyte Island.

Habitat and ecology: The holotype material for Bulbophyllum translucidum was seen attached to the lower trunks (0.5 meter above ground level). The forest at the type locality is in an ecotonal area of forest over limestone at the edge of a limestone outcrop merging towards lowland evergreen forest at 321 meters above sea level. Flowers were fully open around the time of collection (10:26 a. m.) emitting a strong putrid, fecal scent which attracts a number of flies from the family Muscidae that seems to be the main pollinating agent. No other insect aside from the flies were seen to visit the opened flowers at the time of direct field observation that lasted for a duration of 20 minutes.

Etymology: The designated species epithet translucidum is Latin and means "transluscent". This is in reference to the sepals and petals which often have glossy and translucent margins when in full bloom.


Kindler, Max; Bustamante, Raab und Ferreras, Ulysses F. 2016. Bulbophyllum translucidum (Orchidaceae), eine neue Art von den Philippinen [Bulbophyllum translucidum (Orchidaceae), A New Species from the Philippines]. Die Orchidee. 2(4)