Tuesday, July 5, 2016

[Entomology • 2010] Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Australian Pseudophylline katydids (Pseudophyllinae; Phyllomimini), with Description of Four New Species of the Genus Acauloplacella from Queensland

Acauloplacella (A.) queenslandica Rentz, Su, Ueshima, 2010
FIGURE 1. Acauloplacella (A.) queenslandica 
sp. nov. Paratype male from Kuranda, Qld., in typical resting pose. 

The genus Acauloplacella Karny is recorded from Australia. Four new species are described, all in the subgenus Acauloplacella. The Australian representatives are related to those in New Guinea. All species occur in rainforest, especially along the margins. They are known from the east coast from disjunct populations from Iron Range south to near Townsville, Qld. They are nocturnal plant feeders with males uttering a stuttering call after dark.

Key words: Tettigoniidae; Pseudophyllinae; Phyllomimini; Acauloplacella; taxonomy; biology

Acauloplacella (A.) queenslandica Rentz, Su & Ueshima
Chirping Leaf-mimic

Acauloplacella (A.) hasenpuschae Rentz, Su & Ueshima
Sue’s Leaf-mimic

Acauloplacella (A.) incisa Rentz, Su & Ueshima
Etched Leaf Mimic
Named with reference to the median incision of the male tenth tergite.

Acauloplacella (P.) mecyna Rentz, Su & Ueshima
Iron Range Leaf Mimic
Named with reference to the very elongate “stalk” of the male subgenital plate.

FIGURE 2. AAcauloplacella (A.) hasenpuschae  Rentz, Su, Ueshima sp. nov., paratopotypic male. BAcauloplacella (A.) incisa Rentz, Su, Ueshima sp. nov., female from Kuranda, Qld. 

D. C. F. Rentz, You Ning Su and Norihiro Ueshima. 2010. Studies in Australian Tettigoniidae: Australian Pseudophylline katydids (Tettigoniidae; Pseudophyllinae; Phyllomimini). Zootaxa. 2566: 1–20. http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2010/f/zt02566p020.pdf