Sunday, January 17, 2016

[Ichthyology • 2016] Hypancistrus phantasma & H. margaritatus • Two New Species of Spotted Hypancistrus from the Rio Negro drainage (Loricariidae, Hypostominae)

Hypancistrus phantasma and Hypancistrus margaritatus
Tan & Armbruster, 2016

Two new speciesHypancistrus phantasma and Hypancistrus margaritatus, are described based on material from the Rio Negro drainage. Both species are distinguished from congeners by unique color patterns. Hypancistrus phantasma is described from the Rio Uaupes and differs from congeners by having a tan body with small dark spots (vs. dark with light spots or with saddles or stripes). Hypancistrus margaritatus is described from the Takutu River and differs from congeners by having densely-packed light spots on a dark brown background, with spots about the size of the nasal aperture (vs. sparse light spots either smaller or larger than the nasal aperture, or brown to black spots, saddles, or stripes).

Keywords: Siluriformes, Guyana, Brazil, taxonomy, suckermouth armored catfish, Neotropics

Milton Tan and Jonathan Armbruster. 2016. Two New Species of Spotted Hypancistrus from the Rio Negro drainage (Loricariidae, Hypostominae).  
ZooKeys. 552: 123-135. DOI: 10.3897/zookeys.552.5956