Monday, December 26, 2011

[Herpetology • 2008] Odorrana zhaoi • A new species of cascade frog (Amphibia, Ranidae) from Tibet, China

A new cascade frog, superficially resembling Odorrana graminea, O. chloronota and O. livida in having green color dorsally and ventral circummarginal grooves around the discs of the fingers, has been found in Mêdog County of Tibet (Xizang Autonomous Region), China. The new species (Odorrana zhaoi) is characterized by a combination of the following main attributes: 1) a golden upper lip strip from tip of snout and along the upper jaws extending to insertion of arm; 2) tympanum circular, very distinct and depressed with rim, TD:ED 0.56 in male; 3) dorsolateral fold weak, dorsum smooth except granular in posterior part, venter smooth except for a granular region under the thighs; 4) limbs with transverse bands of distinct blotches to tips of digits; 5) Tips of all fingers expanded with ventral circummarginal grooves, about 1.5 to two times the width of phalanges in figures Ⅲ and Ⅳ; 6) inner metatarsal tubercle distinct and ovoid, no outer metatarsal tubercle; 7) feet fully webbed to disks; 8) male with velvety nuptial pad on thumb, paired external subgular pouches but no humeral glands, fine spinules in an ovoid cluster on throat and chest.

Key Words: Ranidae, Odorrana, new species, China.

Etymology: The specific epithet honors Dr . ZHAO Da-Yu , Present of Shenyang Normal University , for his strong support to the survey in Xizang.

Distribution and Ecology: Odorrana zhaoi is endemic to Yarang, Médog County, Tibet. It is typically found in small rocky streams (on rocks within the stream) and under small waterfalls. Specimens were collected from a small stream in an evergreen forest at about 767 m asl (Li et al. 2008).
Odorrana zhaoi is currently known only from Yarang , Mêdog County, Tibet (Xizang Autonomous Region). Two specimens were collected along small rocky stream in evergreen forest at about 767 m. This frog generally acts on rocks in small stream and under small falls . No information about the egg and tadpoles .

Li, P.-P., Lu, Y.-Y., and Rao, D.-Q. 2008. ''A new species of cascade frog (Amphibia, Ranidae) from Tibet, China.'' Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica, 33(3), 537-541.