Sunday, December 4, 2011

[Insect • 2010] Prothemus laticornis & P. lycoceroides • Two new Prothemus (Coleoptera, Cantharidae) from China and Thailand

Two remarkable new cantharid species were described, Prothemus laticornis sp. n. (CHINA: Yunnan) and Prothemus lycoceroides sp. n. (THAILAND: Chiang Dao), and provided with illustrations of aedeagi, ultimate abdominal sternites and antennae of both sexes. Their systematic status was discussed, because they differed from all other species of Prothemus in the dilated and/or serrate antennae and elytra with distinct longitudinal costae and longer pubescence.Keywords: Coleoptera, Cantharidae, Prothemus, new species, China, Thailand

Prothemus laticornis Y. Yang & X. Yang sp. n.
Type material. Holotype male, CHINA: Yunnan, W. Cangshan, 2100m, (IZAS). Paratypes: one male, Yunnan, Cangshan, 21.v.2009, leg. Shoubin Li (HBUM); one female, Yunnan, Yangbi, Xueshanhe, 2000–2800m, 6–, leg. Song Wang (IZAS); one female, same data as the latter, leg. Xueyan Guo (IZAS); one female, Yunnan, E. slope Cangshan, Mojian,, leg. Jianhui Zeng (HBUM)[above transferred from Chinese labels]; two females, Yunnan, Gaoligong Mts., 1500–2500m, 25.22°N, 98.49°E, 17–24.v.1995, leg. V. Kubáň (ICCM).

Distribution. China (Yunnan).
Diagnosis. This new species can be easily distinguished from all others of Prothemus by the serrate antennae and elytra with distinct longitudinal costae and longer pubescence.
Etymology. This new specific name is derived from Latin words latus (wide) and cornu (antenna), referring to its dilated antennae.

Prothemus lycoceroides Kazantsev sp. n.

Type material.Holotype male, THAILAND, Chiang Dao, 1000m, 19°25'N, 98°52'E, 17–24.v.1991, leg. V. Kubáň (ICCM). Paratypes, two males and one female, same data as holotype (ICCM).
Distribution.Thailand (Chiang Dao).
Etymology. The name of the new species is modified from Lycocerus, alluding to its similarity to the members of some Lycocerus species.

Citation: Yang Y, Kazantsev SV, Yang X (2011) Two remarkable new species of Prothemus Champion from China and Thailand, with comments on their systematic status (Coleoptera, Cantharidae). ZooKeys 119: 53–61. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.119.1621