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[Herpetology • 1997] กบชะง่อนผาอินทนนท์ | Odorrana (Rana) archotaphus | Doi Inthanon Rock Frog • ranid frog from Northern Thailand

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กบชะง่อนผาอินทนนท์ | Doi Inthanon Rock Frog
Odorrana archotaphus (Inger and Chan-ard, 1997)
Synonym : Rana archotaphus Inger and Chan-ard, 1997

Abstract (1997)
A New species of Rana, superficially resembling Rana livida, has been found in northern Thailand. The new species is like R. livida in having grooves around the discs of the fingers and green color dorsally, and in lacking humeral glands. It is smaller than R. livida and further differs from the latter in having an outer metatarsal tubercle and in lacking sexual dimorphism in the size of the tympanum. It is compared with other species from Southeast Asia that share expanded finger tips, green dorsal coloration, and other characters.

Etymology.- Species name from archon (Gr), meaning ruler, and taphus (Gr), meaning grave. Doi Inthanon is the mountain where the ashes of a former King of Chiang Mai were buried.

Inger, R. F. and T. Chan-ard. 1997. A new species of ranid frog from Thailand, with comments on Rana livida (Blyth). Natural History Bulletin of the Siam Society 45:65–70. :