Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[Botany • 2005] ปีออกาแซ | Miliusa longiflora Hook.f. & Thomson) Baill. ex Finet & Gagnep. (Annonaceae) • new record for Thailand

Miliusa longiflora (Hook.f. & Thomson) Baill. ex Finet & Gagnep.

Miliusa longiflora, newly recorded from Kanchanaburi, Thailand, is described and illustrated.

The genus Miliusa Lesch. consists of ca. 45 species distributed mostly in Asia (Kessler et al. 2000). About 15 species have been recorded for Thailand (Mols and Kessler 2003). The latest newly described species, M. tirunelvelica, was described on material from India by Murugan et al. (2004). The Annonaceae is now under revision for the Flora of Thailand, coordinated by Paul Kessler.

Recently, the first author found M. longiflora during her field work to Bueng Namthip, Thongphaphum National Park, Tumbon Banrai, Kanchanaburi Province in 2003. The description herein is based on this Thai material.

Thailand.— NORTHERN: Mae Hong Son [18 June 1973, Geesink, Phanichpol, Santisuk 5970 (BKF)]; Chiang Mai [Doi Ang Khang,14 Nov. 1992, Santisuk 8556(BKF)]; Lampoon [Doi Khun Tan National Park, Maxwell 94-284, Maxwell 94-573; 28 Dec. 1994, Maxwell 94-1311 (CMU)]; SOUTH-WESTERN: Uthai Thani [ Huai Kha Khaeng , Banrai, 18 June 1976, Van Beusekom & Santisuk 2876 (BKF); 9 April 1996, Wongprasert s.n. (BKF)]; Kanchanaburi [Bueng Namthip, Thongphaphum National Park, 29 Jan. 2004, Khumchompoo & Thongpukdee 22 (BKF)].

Distribution.— Burma, India.

Ecology.— Mixed deciduous forest, 300–350 m above sea level. Recorded from
one site growing in moist soil. Flowering January–February. Fruiting March–May.

Vernacular.— Pe-or-ka-sae (ปีออกาแซ).

Khumchompoo S, Thongpukdee A. 2005. Miliusa longiflora (Hook.f. & Thomson) Baill. ex Finet & Gagnep. (Annonaceae), a new record for Thailand. Thai Forest Bull., Bot. no.33. 32-34: