Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Invertebrate • 2002] Anauchen sichang & A. khaochongpran • 2 New Pupilloid Land Snails from Thailand (Pulmonata: Pupillidae)

Anauchen sichang n. sp. & Anauchen khaochongpran n. sp.

Two new species of Anauchen from limestone areas, Sichang Island, Chon Buri Province and Khao Chong Pran, Ratchaburi Province are reported. Anauchen sichang n. sp. has four major apertural teeth with an angular notch located almost near apertural edge. The parietal, columellar lamellae, suprapalatal and upper palatal fold with small interpalatal fold located. Anauchen khaochongpran n. sp. has four small plicae i.e. parietal, upper and lower palatal and columellar notch.

KEY WORDS: Anauchen sichang; Anauchen khaochongpran; Pupillidae; Stylommatophora; Pulmonata; Thailand

FIGURE 1. Map showing locations of the limestone mountain area of Sichang Island, Chon Buri Province (arrow); Khaochongpran area, Ratchaburi Province (star).

FIGURE 2. Anauchen sichang, holotype. a, apertural view; b, abapertural view; c, aperture enlarged.

Panha, S. and Burch, J. B. 2002. New Pupilloid Land Snails from Thailand (Pulmonata: Pupillidae). The Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University. 2(1):21-24.,%2021-24.pdf