Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Invertebrate • 2001] Diplommatina inthanon & D. siriphumi • 2 New Species of Diplommatina from northern Thailand

Diplommatina inthanon n. sp. & Diplommatina siriphumi n. sp.

Two new species of Diplommatinidae (Prosobranchia: Diplommatinidae) are described from Thailand. Diplommatina inthanon n. sp. was collected from the highest peak of Thailand, Doi Inthanon at about 2,600 meters above sea level on moss colony of a walking trail. The new species has a conical-shaped, sinistral with frequent radial ribs without spiral striation. This is the second largest shell size of Thai Diplommatina after the first Diplommatina gigas Panha & Burch 2001. Diplommatina siriphumi n. sp. has a pupa-shaped, sinistral with strong radial ribs and weak spiral striation. The unique characteristic of the new species is the smooth surface with no radial rib on almost half area of the ultimate whorl.

KEY WORDS: Diplommatina inthanon; Diplommatina siriphumi; Prosobranchia; Diplommatinidae; Thailand.

Panha, S. and Burch, J. B. 2001. Two New Species of Diplommatina from Thailand (Prosobranchia: Diplommatinidae). The Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University. 1(1):33-37.:,%2033-37.pdf