Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Botany • 2008] Impatiens rupestris K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai • new species of Balsaminaceae from Hunan, southern China

Impatiens rupestris K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai, a new species of Balsaminaceae from Hunan Province in southern China, is described and illustrated. An identification key to the new species and its relatives is provided. Impatiens rupestris differs from I. polyneura K. M. Liu in its lamina base widely cuneate or 6 rounded, the lateral veins in 11 to 16 pairs, the dorsal petal widely obovate, and the lower lobes of the lateral united petals connate into obovate lamella. It is distinct from I. obesa Hooker f. in its lamina elliptic or ovate-oblong, lateral united petals stipitate, upper corolla lobes widely obovate or suborbicular, lower corolla lobes connate into obovate lamella, and seeds with tuberculate testa.

Key words: Balsaminaceae, China, Hunan, Impatiens, IUCN Red List.

Impatiens rupestris K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai, sp. nov.

TYPE: China. Hunan: Jiangyong Co., 350 m, 111u9959.70E, 25u6911.80N, limestone crevices on S slopes, 22 July 2006, K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai 772938 (holotype, HNNU; isotypes, MO, HNNU). Figure 1.

Species Impatienti polyneurae K. M. Liu affinis, sed laminis foliorum basi vulgo late cuneatis vel suborbiculatis, nervis lateralibus 11- ad 16-jugis, petalo dorsali late obovato, petalis lateralibus inferioribus connatis facile differt. Ab I. obesa Hooker f. laminis foliorum ellipticis vel ovato-oblongis, petalis lateralibus stipitatis, lobis corollae superioribus late obovatis vel suborbiculatis, inferioribus connatis obovatis apice emarginato, seminibus parvi-tuberculatis facile differt.

Figure 1. Impatiens rupestris K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai. —A. Upper portion of flowering stem. —B. Lower part of the stem and adventitious roots. —C. Flower, front view. —D. Outer two lateral sepals. —E. Inner two lateral sepals. —F. Dorsal petal. —G. Lateral united petals, dorsal view. —H. Lower sepal. —I. Androecium, showing poricidal dehiscence. —J. Ovary. —K. Fruit. —L. Seeds. Drawn by L. H. Liu from the holotype, K. M. Liu & X. Z. Cai 772938 (HNNU).

Xiu-Zhen Cai, Ke-ming Liu, and Shu-zhen Tian. 2008. Impatiens rupestris (Balsaminaceae), a New Species from Hunan, China. Novon: A Journal for Botanical Nomenclature. 18(1):9-11. doi: 10.3417/2007068 /