Thursday, July 21, 2011

[Botany • 2008] Impatiens fugongensis K. M. Liu et Y. Y. Cong • new species (Balsaminaceae) from Northwestern Yunnan, China

A new species of Impatiens L., I. fugongensis K. M. Liu et Y. Y. Cong, sp. nov., is described and illustrated. The species is restricted to the wet evergreen broad-leaved montane forests of Gaoligong Mountain in Northwestern Yunnan, China. Diagnostic morphological characters and seedcoat micromorphological characters that distinguish the new species from the related species, I. xanthina Comber and I. monticola Hook. f., are discussed.

Keywords: Balsaminaceae; China; Impatiens; Impatiens fugongensis; Micromorphology; New species; Seedcoat; Yunnan.

Impatiens fugongensis K. M. Liu et Y. Y. Cong, sp. nov.
TYPE: CHINA. Northwestern Yunnan Province: Fugong County, Gaoligong Mountain, alt. 2,200 m, on the damp cliff, 12 Oct 2006, Liu Ke-Ming & Cong Yi-Yan 791378 (holotype: HNNU; isotypes KUN, HNNU). Figure 1

Species haec I. xanthinae Comber similis, sed foliis ellipticis vel suborbicularibus, apice obtuso-acutis vel obtuso-rotundatis, nervis lateralibus 5-7-jugis, bracteis caducis, sepalis inferioribus cornutis, pubescentibus, lobis superioribus petalorum lateralium longe ellipticis facile differt. A I. monticola Hook. f. caulibus 5.5-9 cm altis, foliis ellipticis vel suborbicularibus, bracteis caducis, floribus 14-17 mm longis, pubescentibus, sepalis inferioribus cornutis, lobis superioribus petalorum lateralium longe elliptiscis diversa.

Yi-Yan CONG, Ke-Ming LIU, Xiu-Zhen CAI, and Shu-Zhen TIAN. 2008. Impatiens fugongensis (Balsaminaceae), a new species from Yunnan, China. Botanical Studies. 49: 161-165.: