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[Herpetology • 2009] Pseudophilautus tanu & P. singu (Philautus) • new Shrub Frog from the Lowlands of Sri Lanka

Pseudophilautus singu
Etymology. The species name is Sinhala for ‘horn,’an allusion to the horn-like tubercles on the uppereyelids of this frog; applied as a noun in apposition

Two new species of Sri Lankan frogs of the genus Philautus are described. Species diagnoses are based on morphology, morphometrics and mitochondrial DNA sequence data. Philautus tanu sp. nov. inhabits shrubs in open areas of the lowland wet zone, while P. singu sp. nov. is found on shrubs in the understory of lowland and mid-elevation rainforests. These descriptions bring the total number of valid Sri Lankan Philautus to 65 species, of which 46 are extant.

Key words: Rhacophorinae, taxonomy, molecular systematics, new species, conservation
*this 2 new species firstly designed as Philautus until they has been transfer into Pseudophilautus (Li, et al, 2009)

Sri Lanka Petite Shrub-frog • Pseudophilautus tanu
Etymology. The species name is Sinhala for ‘slender,’ a reference to the habitus of P. tanu; applied as anoun in apposition

FIGURE 7. South-western Sri Lanka, showing the distribution of Philautus singu (squares) and P. tanu (circles), and place-names cited in the text.

Meegaskumbura, M., Manamendra-Arachchi, K. & Pethiyagoda, R. 2009. Two new species of shrub frogs (Rhacophoridae: Philautus) from the lowlands of Sri Lanka, Zootaxa, 2122, 51–68.:

Two new species of shrub frogs (Rhacophoridae: Philautus) from the lowlands of Sri Lanka:

Leaf-nesting Shrub Frog (Philautus femoralis)
49 Ferguson's Shrub Frog (Philautus fergusonianus)
51 Frankenberg's Shrub Frog (Philautus frankenbergi)
53 Halliday's Shrub Frog (Philautus hallidayi)
54 Pattipola Shrub Frog (Philautus halyi)
55 Hoffman's Shrub Frog (Philautus hoffmanii)
57 Webless Shrub Frog (Philautus hypomelas)
58 White-nosed Shrub Frog (Philautus leucorhinus)
61 Bigfoot Shrub Frog (Philautus macrophus)
65 Mittermeier's Shrub Frog (Philautus mittermeieri)
66 Moore's Shrub Frog (Philautus mooreorum)
68 Pointed-snouted Shrub Frog (Philautus nasutus)
69 Whistling Shrub Frog (Philautus nemus)
71 Sharp-snouted Shrub Frog (Philautus oxyrh

75 Poppy's Shrub Frog (Philautus poppiae)
79 Reticulated-thigh Shrub Frog (Philautus reticulatus)
80 Farnland Shrub Frog (Philautus rugatus)
82 Muller's Shrub Frog (Philautus sarasinorum)
83 Schmarda's Shrub Frog (Philautus schmarda)
84 Annandale's Shrub Frog (Philautus semirubber)

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