Wednesday, July 20, 2011

[Invertebrate • 2004] Opisthostoma (Opisthostoma) beeartee • the first record of the subgenus Opisthostoma from Peninsular Thailand

FIGURE 2. Opisthostoma (Opisthostoma) beeartee n. sp., holotype: (a) apertural view; (b) abapertural view; (c) apical view, (d) apical showing protoconch; (e) shell aperture.

Opisthostoma (Opisthostoma) beeartee n. sp. is described from a limestone island of Tadan area, Pangnga Bay in the Andaman Sea, Thailand. This is the second record for the genus and the first record of the subgenus Opisthostoma for Thailand.

Key words: Opisthostoma (Opisthostoma) beeartee; Diplommatinidae; Cyclophoracea; Thailand

FIGURE 1. Map showing location of type locality, Tadan area near Pangnga bay, Pangnga Province.

Tongkerd, P., Sutchart, C. and Panha, S. 2004. A New Species of Opisthostoma from Thailand (Prosobranchia: Cyclophoracea: Diplommatinidae). The Natural History Journal of Chulalongkorn University. 4(2): 53-56: Fulltext