Wednesday, April 22, 2020

[Botany • 2020] Hohenbergia ituberaensis (Bromeliaceae) • A New White-flowered Species from Bahia, Brazil

Hohenbergia ituberaensis
in Cavalcante, Souza, Versieux & Martinelli. 2020. 

We describe a new species of Hohenbergia (Bromeliaceae) from Brazil, Hohenbergia ituberaensis, a rare species, so far only known from Ituberá municipality, Bahia State, in an area of the Atlantic Forest. The species is similar to H. stellata, presenting a pinkish inflorescence, congested and non-divided branches, pinkish and large floral bracts hiding the sepals, spatulate petals with a slightly reflexed apex. However, it differs by the white petals, as a diagnostic characteristic. The type specimen was collected in a small forest fragment and here this species is categorized as Vulnerable. Additionally, we compared this new species to Hohenbergia belemii and H. capitata, which are also similar to H. stellata, due to the red/pinkish characteristics of the branches, with large flowers and well-developed floral bracts. An illustration, an occurrence map, taxonomic comments and a table comparing the main characters of these four species are provided.

Keywords: Atlantic Forest, Bromelioideae, Hohenbergia stellata, Monocots

Brayan Paiva Cavalcante, Everton Hilo De Souza, Leonardo M. Versieux and Adriana Pinheiro Martinelli. 2020. Hohenbergia ituberaensis (Bromeliaceae): A New White-flowered Species from Bahia, Brazil. Phytotaxa. 439(2); 119–126. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.439.2.2