Wednesday, April 1, 2020

[Invertebrate • 2020] Alloscopus whitteni & A. namtip • Two New Species of Alloscopus (Hexapoda: Collembola) from Caves in Thailand, with A Key to World Species of the Genus

Alloscopus whitteni
Jantarit & Sangsiri, 2020


 Two new cave species of the Collembola genus Alloscopus are described from southern Thailand: A. whitteni from Phang Nga province and A. namtip from Surat Thani province. Both species are characterised by the absence of eyes and mucronal spine, presence of PAO, two rows of smooth chaetae on manubrium and dental spines. The two new species are different by number of macrochaetae on ‘A’ series of head and Th.II, labial basis chaetotaxy, number of labral papillae, number of chaetae on posterior ventral tube, inter teeth of claw and trochanteral spines. They also differ in rows of smooth chaetae on tibiotarsus and lateral anal valve chaetae. Antennal morphological types were thoroughly observed for the first time in the genus, of which 13 types are recognised and homologised with recent antennal chaetal categories for Verhoeffiella. The complete body chaetotaxic pattern and a key to the world species of the genus are also provided.

Key words: antennal chaetotaxy, Heteromurinae, subterranean, taxonomy, southern Thailand

Fig. 1. Alloscopus whitteni, new species.
Habitus in alcohol with orange dot pigment variation in the population.

Family Entomobryidae Schäffer, 1896
Subfamily Heteromurinae sensu Zhang & Deharveng, 2015
Tribus Heteromurini Absolon & Ksenemann, 1942

Alloscopus Börner, 1906

Alloscopus whitteni, new species

Etymology. Alloscopus whitteni pays special tribute to Tony Whitten in appreciation for his enormous contributions to nature conservation, especially in threatened karstic areas and cave fauna.

Habitat. The individuals were found in soil and on the small patch of bat guano in dark zone of cave near the stream bank.

Alloscopus namtip, new species

Etymology. Alloscopus namtip is named for the type locality [Tham (cave) Namtip, Thachana, Surat Thani Province.] and is used as a noun in apposition.

Habitat. This species was found on ground floor with small patch of bat guano in the twilight to dark zone of the cave.

Sopark Jantarit and Tawin Sangsiri. 2020. Two New Species of Alloscopus from Caves in Thailand, with A Key to World Species of the Genus (Hexapoda: Collembola). RAFFLES BULLETIN OF ZOOLOGY. Supplement No. 35; 48-60.