Friday, February 10, 2012

[Herpetology • 2002] Lipinia nitens (Peters, 1871): Discovery of a second specimen and a Redescription of the Holotype | Gunung Pueh, western Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo

photo by Indraneil Das from

The  rare Bornean skink, Lygosoma nitens Peters (1871), previously known only from the holotype of unknown provenance in Sarawak, is reviewed on the basis of the type and a new specimen from Gunung Pueh, western Sarawak. The species is redescribed and allocated to the genus Lipinia. Lipinia nitens lacks an external ear opening, having in its place a scaly dimple; only six supralabials, with the fourth subocular; longitudinal scale rows at midbody 22; a distinct colour pattern, with dark paravertebral
and lateral stripes, especially on the anterior of the trunk.
Key words: Lygosoma nitens, Lipinia nitens, systematics, Sarawak, Gunung Pueh.

Gunung Pueh, Kuching Division, western Sarawak, East Malaysia (Borneo)

Das, I. & Greer, A.E. 2002. Lipinia nitens (Peters, 1871): discovery of a second specimen and a redescription of the holotype. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. 50 (2): 483-486