Sunday, February 26, 2012

[Herpetology • 1999] Ichthyophis husaini & I. garoensis • Gymnophiona (Amphibia) of India - A taxonomic study

Husain's Caecilian | Ichthyophis husaini 

Husain's Caecilian | Ichthyophis husaini Pillai & Ravichandran, 1999 
Garo Hills Caecilian | Ichthyophis garoensis Pillai & Ravichandran, 1999

Original name: Ichthyophis husaini
Original Publication: Pillai and Ravichandran, 1999. Rec. Zool. Surv. India. Occasional Paper, 172: 36.
Last seen: 1983 (27 years): only from the original description based on a single specimen.
Type locality: “Thebronggiri Coffee Garden, Rongram, Garo Hills”, 25°37’03’’ N, 90°14’11” E, 506 m a.s.l., Meghalaya, India.
Type: Holotype, ZSIS 18426.
Notes: It was collected by A. Husain in 1983 and described by Pillai and Ravichandran in 1999.
IUCN status: Data Deficient (DD).

Pillai, R.S. and Ravichandran, M.S. 1999. Gymnophiona (Amphibia) of India - A taxonomic study. Records of the Zoological Survey of India (Occ. Paper) 172: 1-117.