Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[Herpetology • 1998] Ansonia inthanon • A new Ansonia (Anura: Bufonidae) from northern Thailand

Ansonia inthanon 
Matsui, Nabhitabhata and Panha, 1998

We  describe  a  new  species  of  torrent-dwelling  bufonid  frog  of  the  genus  Ansonia from  northern  Thailand.  Ansonia  inthanon  is  morphologically  similar  to  Indian  members  of  the genus  but  differs  from  them  in  ventral  coloration  and  skin texture.  Occurrence  of  this  species  in this  region  connects  disjunctly  distributed  congeners  from southern  India  and the  Malay Peninsula and  Borneo. 
Key words:  Ansonia  new  species;  Ansonia  ornata; Zoogeography;  Thailand; India

Holotype: THNHM 51-001.
Type locality: "Siriphum waterfall, Doi Inthanon National Park (98° 32´ E, 18° 33´ N, altitude 1350 m) in Thailand".

FIG. 3.- Map  of south  and southeast  Asia showing  the  distribution  of the  genus  Ansonia  (stippled)  and the type  locality  of  A.  inthanon  (star).  Data  for the  distribution  of  the  genus  from  Berry  (1975),  Dring  (1983), Gunther  (1875),  Inger  (1966),  Inger  and  Dring  (1988),  Kiew  (1984),  and  Pillai  and Pattabiraman (1981). 

Matsui, M., Nabhitabhata, J. and Panha, S. 1998. A new Ansonia from northern Thailand (Anura: Bufonidae). Herpetologica: 448-454.