Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[Herpetology • 2011] Djokoiskandarus new genus for Cantoria annulata • The nomenclature and systematics of some Australasian Homalopsid snakes (Squamata: Serpentes: Homalopsidae)

Banded mangrove snake, Djokoiskandarus annulatus 

 The external morphology and systematics of Australasian homalopsid snakes are examined against the background of recent molecular work. Two new species (Myron karnsi and Myron resetari) in the genus Myron Gray 1849 are described using the external morphology commonly applied to snake species. Cantoria annulata Jong 1926 and Hypsirhina polylepis Fisher 1886 represent endemic Australasian genera; Cantoria annulata is assigned a new genus, and the genus Pseudoferania Ogilby 1891 is resurrected for Enhydris polylepis. The zoogeography of the Australasian homalopsid clade is discussed.
Key words:– homalopsids, MyronCantoriaEnhydris,  Heurnia, nomenclature, new genus, new species.

Djokoiskandarus, new genus
Type species. – Cantoria annulata Jong, 1926 by monotypy.
Etymology. – The genus is named in honour of Indonesian herpetologist Djoko Iskandar. Gender of genus is masculine.
Distribution. – Southern coast of New Guinea.
Morphological Diagnosis. – Dorsal scale rows 21 at mid body; internasal separates prefrontal and nasals scales; frontal’s contact with the internasal makes this species readily distinguishable from all other homalopsids, including Cantoria violacea which has 19 scale rows at mid body and the prefrontal scales in broad contact. A number of species of Enhydris have 21 scale rows at mid body, but all of them have the nasal scales in contact. D. annulatus also has keeled scales in the fi rst three dorsal scale rows just anterior to the vent. A male is 578 mm in total length with a 108 mm tail; four females were 277–548 mm in total length. See Murphy (2007) for a more exhaustive description. 

Djokoiskandarus annulatus, new combination
Type Locality. – Prins Hendrik-eiland (Yos Sudarso), New Guinea, Indonesia (about 7º56'S and 138º21'E).
Distribution. – Southern coastal New Guinea.

Murphy, John C. 2011. The nomenclature and systematics of some Australasian Homalopsid snakes (Squamata: Serpentes: Homalopsidae). The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 59(2):229-236.