Tuesday, February 14, 2012

[Herpetology • 2008] Petracola waka and re-description of P. ventrimaculatus (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) from northern Peru

Petracola ventrimaculatus

We describe Petracola waka sp. nov. and re-describe the poorly known P. ventrimaculatus, both high-Andean gymnophthalmids from northern Peru. The new species is diagnosed by gracile habitus, smooth dorsal scales, an anterior superciliary that extends onto the dorsum, absence of loreal, three genials, 36–49 transverse dorsal scale rows, 23–28 transverse ventral scale rows, 0–7 femoral pores, absence of subocular-labial fusion, and a color pattern consisting of dark spots or fine lines or bands on a pale brown background. Petracola waka is known from the middle Río Marañon and Cajamara Cajabamba basin (Río Crisnejos drainage) from small isolated syngamic systems at 2650–2900 m and is parapatrically distributed with respect to P. ventrimaculatus, which occurs at higher elevations.
Key words: Andes, lizard, new species, Peru, Reptilia

Kizirian, D.; Bayefsky-Anand, S.; Eriksson, A.; Le, M.; Donnelly, M.A. 2008: A new Petracola and re-description of P. ventrimaculatus (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae). Zootaxa, 1700: 53-62.