Thursday, February 2, 2012

[Paleontology • 2009] Morrinhosuchus luziae • a New Crocodylomorpha Notosuchia from the Bauru Basin (Upper Cretaceous), Brazil

Morrinhosuchus luziae, A new species of a Crocodylomorpha Notosuchia from the Bauru Basin, Adamantina Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Turonian-Santonian), Brazil is described. The fossil consists of the distal portions of skull and mandible. The posterior teeth present globoid crown  and circular cross-section. Among the notosuchians discovered in the Bauru Basin, only Mariliasuchus presents similar teeth, however, the arrangement of these teeth, besides other autapomorphies, allow the establishment of a new taxa. This fossil widens the number and diversity of Notosuchia, showing the success of this clade throughout Gondwana and several ecological niches during the Cretaceous.
Keywords: Crocodylomorpha, Notosuchia, Morrinhosuchus luziae, Adamantina Formation, Bauru Basin.

Iori, F.V.; and Carvalho, I.S. (2009). "Morrinhosuchus luziae, um novo Crocodylomorpha Notosuchia da Bacia Bauru, Brasil". Revista Brasileira de Geociências 39 (4): 717–725