Friday, February 17, 2012

[Herpetology • 2006] Echinosaura sulcarostrum • A New Riparian Gymnophthalmid (Squamata) from Guyana

Echinosaura sulcarostrum

We describe  a new species  of riparian gymnophthalmid from Guyana characterized by striated rostral and mental scales, three rows of scales of subequal size between the rostral and frontal scales,  and the absence  of  a unpaired median postmental. The new taxon  shares derived  features  with species in Echinosaura, Neusticurus, Potamites, and Teuchocercus, including  heterogeneous and  heavily  keeled  body  squamation, an elongate  snout,  and gracile limbs.

Etymology.- The  specific  epithet,  sulcarostrum,  is a  noun  in  apposition  and  a  conflation  of  the Latin  words  sulcus, meaning  furrow  or  groove, and  rostrum, meaning  snout. 

Donnelly, M.A.; MacCulloch, R.D., Ugarte, C.A. & Kizirian, D. 2006. A New Riparian Gymnophthalmid (Squamata) from Guyana. Copeia. 2006 (3): 396-403