Wednesday, January 30, 2019

[Botany • 2019] Trollius austrosibiricus (Ranunculaceae) • A New Species from South Siberia

Trollius austrosibiricus  Erst & Luferov

Erst, Luferov, Troshkina, et al., 2019. 

Trollius austrosibiricus Erst & Luferov, sp. nov.a new species from Russian South Siberia is described and illustrated. This new species is endemic to Western and Central Siberia. Morphologically, it is close to the East Asian species T. chinensis and T. macropetalus. However, it differs from the aforementioned species due to the morphology of the rhizomes, aerial shoots, sepals and petals. This species is also distinguished from T. asiaticus, which is widespread in Russia (Western and Eastern Siberia), Mongolia, China, north-eastern Kazakhstan and in the northeast of the European part of Russia, in having a smaller number of sepals, longer persistent styles and petals longer than sepals. In addition, an identification key for all Russian species is given and all species have been discussed.

Keywords: Ranunculaceae, Trollius, new species, South Siberia, Russia

Figure 2. Photograph of Trollius austrosibiricus. A Flowering plant B Flower C Leaf laminae
(Photographs by E. Balde and A. Erst).

Trollius austrosibiricus Erst & Luferov, sp. nov.

Diagnosis: Trollius austrosibiricus is morphologically close to T. chinensis Bunge and T. macropetalus (Regel) Fr.Schmidt. It differs from these species in simple rhizomes, shorter aerial shoots, smaller flowers and shorter persistent styles. The new species is distinguished from T. asiaticus L. by a smaller number of sepals, longer persistent styles and petals longer than sepals.

Habitat and ecology: Trollius austrosibiricus grows in subalpine and forest zones, in moist valleys at 350–2400 m elevation. It occurs in forest glades and fringes, in mixed-grass and mixed-grass-cereal dry and swampy meadows, along the banks of rivers, streams and small ponds with fresh water.

Etymology: The specific epithet of the new species is derived from the type locality, South Siberia, Russia.

 Andrey Erst, Alexander Luferov, Victoria Troshkina, Dmitry Shaulo, Alexander Kuznetsov, Kunli Xiang and Wei Wang. 2019. Trollius austrosibiricus (Ranunculaceae), A New Species from South Siberia. PhytoKeys. 115: 83-92. DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.115.30863