Thursday, January 17, 2019

[Botany • 2019] Pamianthe ecollis (Amaryllidaceae) • A Remarkable New Species of Pamianthe from the Department of Cauca, Colombia

Pamianthe ecollis  Silverst., Meerow & Sánchez-Taborda

in Meerow, Silverstone-Sopkin, Zuluaga-Tróchez & Sánchez-Taborda, 2019.

A new saxicolous species of Amaryllidaceae tentatively assigned to the tribe Clinantheae, Pamianthe ecollis Silverst., Meerow & Sánchez-Taborda, is described from the western slope of the Cordillera Occidental in the department of Cauca, Colombia. The new species differs from the two hitherto known species of Pamianthe in its yellow flowers and in its nearly obsolete perianth tube. The near loss of the perianth tube may be correlated with a change in pollinator. The new species lacks a bulb; it produces a large number of winged seeds that are wind-dispersed. A key to the species of Pamianthe is provided. This is the first record of the genus Pamianthe for Colombia. The phylogenetic position of the genus Pamianthe is discussed.

Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, biodiversity, Cauca, Clinantheae, Colombia, Pamianthe, Andes

Figure 1. Pamianthe ecollis.
 A Pamianthe ecollis growing in its native habitat, on a steep, rocky bank B Base of plant C Habit D Inflorescence E Flower, lateral view F Flower, front view
A photo by Fredy Gómez-Ortiz B photo by Laura Clavijo C–F type collection, photographs taken in the field by Jhon A. Sánchez-Taborda.

Pamianthe ecollis Silverst., Meerow & Sánchez-Taborda, sp. nov.

Diagnosis: This species differs from both Pamianthe parviflora Meerow and P. peruviana Stapf in having a yellow perianth and staminal cup (versus white) and in nearly lacking a perianth tube. Additionally, it differs from P. parviflora in having shorter pedicels, a longer ovary, and more numerous ovules, and from P. peruviana in having much longer pedicels, more flowers per umbel, much shorter tepals, a shorter staminal cup that is not exserted from the perianth, and a smaller fruit.

Etymology: The specific epithet is from Latin, e (without), collum (neck), adjectival collis, referring to the almost absent perianth tube of this species.

 Alan W. Meerow, Philip A. Silverstone-Sopkin, Alejandro Zuluaga-Tróchez and Jhon A. Sánchez-Taborda. 2019. A Remarkable New Species of Pamianthe (Amaryllidaceae) from the Department of Cauca, Colombia.  PhytoKeys. 115: 73-82.  DOI: 10.3897/phytokeys.115.30755


Resumen: Se describe una nueva especie de Amaryllidaceae tentativamente perteneciente a la tribu Clinantheae, Pamianthe ecollis Silverst., Meerow & Sánchez-Taborda, procedente de la vertiente occidental de la cordillera Occidental en el departamento del Cauca, Colombia. La nueva especie difiere de las dos especies conocidas de Pamianthe por su perianto amarillo que tiene un tubo casi ausente. La reducción del tubo del perianto probablemente tiene correlación con un cambio en el polinizador. La nueva especie carece de un bulbo, y produce numerosas semillas aladas que se dispersan por el viento. Se provee una clave a las especies de Pamianthe. Este es el primer registro del género Pamianthe para Colombia. Se discute la posición filogenética del género Pamianthe.