Wednesday, January 30, 2019

[Fungi • 2019] Lactifluus bicapillus (Russulales, Russulaceae) • A New Species from the Guineo-Congolian Rainforest

Lactifluus bicapillus Lescroart & De Crop 

in De Crop, Lescroart, Njouonkou, et al., 2019. 

The milkcap genus Lactifluus is one of the most common ectomycorrhizal genera within Central African rainforests. During a field trip to the Dja Biosphere Reserve in Cameroon, a new Lactifluus species was found. Molecular and morphological analyses indicate that the species belongs to Lactifluus section Xerampelini and we formally describe it here as Lactifluus bicapillus sp. nov.

Keywords: Ectomycorrhizal fungi, Gilbertiodendron, Lactarius, phylogeny, taxonomy, tropical Africa, Uapaca

Figure 2. Basidiomata of Lactifluus bicapillus.
 a–c Basidiomata of Lactifluus bicapillus (EDC 12-176, EDC 12-174, holotype EDC 14-249 resp.)
d Detail of lamellae (EDC 14-176), e) young specimen (EDC 12-169) f Detail of latex (EDC 12-169) g Detail of brown colour change of the latex (EDC 14-238)
(photographs a–f by E. De Crop, g by A. Verbeken).

 Figure 3. Microscopic features of Lactifluus bicapillus a Basidiocarps (from EDC 12-071, EDC 12-169, EDC 12-174, EDC 12-176, and EDC 14-249) b Basidia (from EDC 12-071, and EDC 14-249) c Sterile elements from the hymenium (from EDC 12-169) d Pleuropseudocystidia (from EDC 12-169) e Basidiospores (from EDC 14-249).
Illustrations by E. De Crop, J. Lescroart and A. Verbeken. Scale bar: 10 μm.

Lactifluus bicapillus Lescroart & De Crop

Diagnosis: Lactifluus bicapillus differs from L. xerampelinus by its yellowish-orange to dark red cap, fertile lamella edge, a lampropalisade with two types of terminal elements as pileipellis type, and a distribution in the Guineo-Congolian rainforest.

Distribution: Known from Cameroon and Gabon.

Ecology: Guineo-Congolian rainforest, scattered on forest floor under Gilbertiodendron dewevreiUapaca guineensisUacuminata, and Upaludosa.

Etymology: A combination of ‘bi’ and ‘capillus’, referring to the two types of terminal elements in the pileipellis and stipitipellis.

 Eske De Crop, Jonas Lescroart, André-Ledoux Njouonkou, Ruben De Lange, Kobeke Van de Putte and Annemieke Verbeken. 2019. Lactifluus bicapillus (Russulales, Russulaceae), A New Species from the Guineo-Congolian Rainforest. MycoKeys.  45: 25-39.  DOI: 10.3897/mycokeys.45.29964