Thursday, January 3, 2019

[Botany • 2019] Globba kanchigandhii (Zingiberaceae) • A New Species of Globba from North-East India

Globba kanchigandhii A. Joe & M. Sabu

in Joe, Sabu, Sanoj & Thomas, 2019.

A new species of Globba, Globba kanchigandhii, from North-East India is described, illustrated and compared with its allied species. A detailed description, illustration, photographs, distribution, ecology, phenology and relevant notes also provided. A comparison table is also provided.

Keyword: Globba kanchigandhii; G. multiflora; G. macroclada; India; Nagaland; Phek; Zingiberaceae

Fig 1. Globba kanchigandhii:
A: Habit. B: Bulbil. C: Entire flower. D: Bract. E: bracteole. F: Basal part of flower. G: Labellum with lateral staminode and stamen. H: Corolla lobes. I: Dorsal corolla lobe. J: Anther (ventral view). K: Stigma. L: Ovary with epigynous glands and base of style. M: Cross-section of ovary. Illustration by Alfred Joe.

Fig 2. Globba kanchigandhii.
 A: Habit. B: Bulbil. C: Inflorescence. D–E: Flower. D: Front view. E: Lateral view. F: Basal part of flower. G: Bract. H: Corolla lobes. I: Labellum with lateral staminodes. J: Lateral staminode. K: Stamen. L: CS of ovary. Photos by Alfred Joe.

Globba kanchigandhii A. Joe & M. Sabu sp. nov. 

Similar to Globba multiflora Wall. ex Baker, but differs from it in having lesser number of flowers in an inflorescence, glabrous peduncle, erect and horn-like free triangular lateral staminodes, short corolla tube, stigma cylindric and presence of persistent bracts even at flowering stage. 

Distribution and Habitat: Globba kanchigandhii  is so far only known from the type locality, ie. Phek, Nagaland and grows as undergrowth in the evergreen and semi-evergreen forests. 

Etymology: This new species has been named in honour of Dr. Kanchi Gandhi, Harvard University for his valuable contributions to the field of plant nomenclature. 

Notes: This new species is closely allied to G. multiflora in its plant stature, bulbils and labellum colouration. But markedly differ from it in having fewer number flowers in inflorescence, erect and horn-like lateral staminodes, presence of persistent bracts and in its flowering period. The erect lateral staminodes make the species distinct from all known species of Globba

Fig. 3. Comparison of related species.
A–B: Globba kanchigandhii. C–D: G. multiflora. E–F: G. macroclada.
Photos A–E by Alfred Joe; F by E. Sanoj.

Alfred Joe, Mamiyil Sabu, E. Sanoj and Valukattil Ponnachan Thomas. 2019. A New Species of Globba (Zingiberaceae) from India. Taiwania. 64(1); 4-8. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2019.64.4