Saturday, January 12, 2019

[Entomology • 2019] Endodrelanva siargaoensis • A New Species of Landrevinae (Orthoptera) from the Philippines, with Notes on Endodrelanva and Endolandrevus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae; Gryllinae; Landrevini)

Endodrelanva siargaoensis 
 Kai, Gorochov, Baroga-Barbecho & Yap, 2019

Owing to the cryptic behavior and morphology of many Southeast Asian Landrevinae, new species are still being discovered in unexplored parts of the region. Here, we describe a new species: Endodrelanva siargaoensis sp. nov. We also recorded and describe the calling song of the new species. Owing to the morphological similarities between species of Endodrelanva Gorochov, 2000 and Endolandrevus Saussure, 1877, we also provide a short review of the two genera and list their characters for comparison.

Keywords: Orthoptera, bioacoustics, biogeography, Grylloidea, Southeast Asia, taxonomy

FIGURE 2. A male Endodrelanva siargaoensis sp. nov. calling in the hole of a coconut tree trunk.

Endodrelanva siargaoensis, new species

Etymology. The species is named after the type locality, Siargao Island, which also represents the first record of the genus in the Philippines.

Tan Ming Kai, Andrej V. Gorochov, Jessica B. Baroga-Barbecho and Sheryl A. Yap. 2019. A New Species of Landrevinae (Orthoptera) from the Philippines, with Notes on Endodrelanva and Endolandrevus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae; Gryllinae; Landrevini). Zootaxa. 4544(2); 285–295.  DOI:  10.11646/zootaxa.4544.2.8