Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Botany • 2015] Caulokaempferia pubescens • A New Species (Zingiberaceae) from Northern Thailand

Fig. 2. Caulokaempferia pubescens Picheans. & Phokham.
: The plants in its type location. B: Plant habit. C: Part of a pseudostem and lower part of leaves, showing ligules. D: A leaf, showing leaf surfaces (upper surface glabrous and lower surface pubescent). E: An inflorescence, showing detail of a flower and bract arrangement. F: An infructescence, showing dehiscing fruits and seeds, fruits (1) and seeds (2).
Scale = 1 cm. [photographed by C. Picheansoonthon]


A new species of Caulokaempferia K. Larsen (Zingiberaceae), Caulokaempferia pubescens Picheans. & Phokham, from Changwat Mae Hong Son in Northern Thailand is reported. Full descriptions, together with ink line–drawing with water color and photographic illustrations are given. Relationship of this new species with their phylogenetically closest related taxa, C. larsenii
Suksathan & Triboun, is also discussed.

KEY WORDS: Caulokaempferia, Caulokaemferia pubescens, northern Thailand, Zingiberaceae

Boonmee Phokham, Kamthorn Intharapichai, Pornpimon Wongsuwan and Chayan Picheansoonthon. 2015. Caulokaempferia pubescens (Zingiberaceae) - A New Species from Northern Thailand. Taiwania. 60(2); 77 - 80. DOI: 10.6165/tai.2015.60.77