Wednesday, June 24, 2015

[Botany • 2015] Taxonomic Studies on the Genus Phyllodium Desv. (Leguminosae) in Thailand

FIGURE 1. (AC) Phyllodium elegans and (DF) P. kurzianum.
FIGURE 2. (AC) Phyllodium longipes and (DF) P. pulchellum.
FIGURE 3. (AB) Phyllodium vestitum.


 The taxonomy of genus Phyllodium in Thailand was studied. The results showed that six species are enumerated. Morphological descriptions and photographs, key to species, distribution and some ecological data are given. Moreover, both pollen morphological and leaf epidermal characters of three and five species respectively are presented. 

KEY WORDS: Taxonomy, Phyllodium, leaf epidermis, pollen morphology, Thailand 

Witsanu Saisorn and Pranom Chantaranothai. 2015. Taxonomic Studies on the Genus Phyllodium Desv. (Leguminosae) in Thailand. Tropical Natural History. 15(1): 23-40.

วิษณุ สายศร และ ประนอม จันทรโณทัย. 2015.
พืชสกุล Phyllodium (วงศ์ถั่ว) ในประเทศไทย