Friday, August 31, 2012

[Botany • 1998] Senyumia minutiflora • new Genus (Gesneriaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia

Senyumia minutiflora (Ridl.) Kiew, A.Weber & B.L.Burtt

Etymology: The name refers to the the locality of the only species, Gunung Senyum, in Peninsular Malaysia.

Ecology: On rock faces in damp limestone caves.

Distribution: Malay Peninsula (Pahang: Gunung Senyum and adjacent localities). 

Notes: The only species was originally described as Boea minutiflora Ridl. Remarkable is the resupinate white and widely open flower with a yellow anther cone in the center (syndrome of an oligandric pollen flower).

Kiew, A.Weber & B.L.Burtt.1998. Beitr. Biol. Pflanzen 70(2-3): 400.