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[Ornithology • 2012] Sira Barbet | Capito fitzpatricki • A new species of Barbet (Capitonidae: Capito) from the Cerros del Sira, Ucayali, Peru

Sira Barbet | Capito fitzpatricki | 'Barbudo del Sira'
Seeholzer, Winger, Harvey, Cáceres & Weckstein 2012

We describe a new species of barbet in the genus Capito from an outlying ridge of the eastern Andes of Peru. We performed phylogenetic and population genetic analyses of mitochondrial DNA sequences of the new species and C. wallacei and determined that they are reciprocally monophyletic sister species. The new species is diagnosable by plumage and morphology from  C. wallacei and is apparently endemic to a small region of montane cloud forest in the southern portion of the Cerros del Sira. 

Key words: Capito, Cerros del Sira, new species, outlying ridges, Peru.

'Barbudo del Sira'
Una Nueva Especie de Capitonidae (Capito) de los Cerros del Sira, Ucayali, Perú

Describimos una nueva especie de género Capito de un ramal montañoso de los Andes orientales del Perú. Realizamos un análisis filogenético y de genética de poblaciones con base en secuencias de ADN mitocondrial y determinamos que la nueva especie y  C. wallacei son especies hermanas y recíprocamente monofiléticas. La nueva especie es diagnosticable por plumaje y morfología de su especie hermana, Cwallacei, y aparentemente es endémica de una región restringida de bosque nublado en el sector sur de los cerros del Sira.

Distribution.—Known from three localities on the east slope of the southern Cerros del Sira, Ucayali, Peru (Fig. 3): (1) north ridge of upper Río Tzipani watershed (10°41′24′′S, 74°05′56′′W), 1,250 m; (2) north ridge of upper Río Shinipo watershed (10°31′48′′S, 74°07′12′′W), 950–1,100 m (type locality); and (3) north ridge of Quebrada Quirapokiari watershed, 22.86 km southwest mouth of Río Cohengua (10°25′12′′S, 74°9′0′′W), 1,150–1,250 m.

Etymology.—It is our pleasure to name this species in honor of John W. Fitzpatrick. During his career as a graduate student at Princeton University, curator of birds and chair of zoology at the Field Museum of Natural History, director of the Archbold Biological Station, and director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, 
Dr. Fitzpatrick has had an immeasurable influence on ornithology and bird conservation and has inspired generations of young ornithologists, including M.G.H., G.F.S., and B.M.W. during their undergraduate years at Cornell. In particular, we honor his remarkable contributions to knowledge of Peruvian birds, as exemplified by a series of expeditions that he led to Peru between 1974 and 1985 that resulted in the description of six bird species new to science (Fitzpatrick et al. 1977, 1979; Fitzpatrick and O’Neill 1979, 
1986; Fitzpatrick and Willard 1990; Fitzpatrick and Stotz 1997). 

The English and Spanish names recognize the isolated mountain range to which this species is apparently restricted. 

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