Sunday, June 26, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Tectaria × hongkongensis • A New Hybrid of Tectaria (Tectariaceae) from Hong Kong, southern China

 Tectaria × hongkongensis  S.Y. Dong

FIGURE 2. Tectaria × hongkongensis in culture.
A. Habit. B. Scales on basal part of a stipe. C. Abaxial view of fertile lamina. DE. Sporangia containing no spores (spores aborted).


A new natural hybridTectaria × hongkongensis (Tectariaceae), is described and illustrated from Hong Kong, China. It is a sterile hybrid supported by the abortive spores and cytological data [2n = 120 (3x)]. This hybrid is morphologically somewhat similar to T. zeilanica in the small size of plants, strongly dimorphic leaves, the shape of sterile fronds, and acrostichoid sporangia. Molecular data indicate its maternal parent is probably TharlandiiTectaria × hongkongensis is the first hybrid confirmed by morphological and cytological evidence in East Asia.

Keywords: chromosome number, Hong Kong, hybrid origin, Pteridophytes, China

Hui-Guo Zhao and Shi-Yong Dong. 2016. A New Hybrid of Tectaria (Tectariaceae) from southern China.  Phytotaxa. 266(3); 213–218. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.266.3.5