Thursday, June 30, 2016

[Botany • 2015] Hechtia deceptrix • A New Species of Hechtia (Bromeliaceae: Hechtioideae) from Hidalgo (Mexico)

Hechtia deceptrix  
I. Ramírez & Hornung    DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.221.2.5 

We propose that two populations previously referred to Hechtia epigyna, from the Mexican state of Hidalgo, represent a new species. Plants from the Hidalgo populations share the inferior ovary with Hechtia epigyna, an unusual trait in the genus, but they differ in their growth pattern (central vs. lateral inflorescence), characters of the adaxial foliar surface, petal color, and fruit position during dehiscence. We also provide a clarification on the typification of Hechtia epigyna. An assessment of the conservation status of the new speciesHechtia deceptrix following IUCN criteria resulted as CR (Critically Endangered).

Keywords: Epigynous flowers, growth pattern, Hechtia epigyna, Hidalgo, IUCN, Tamaulipas, Monocots, Mexico

FIGURE 2.  Hechtia deceptrix  I. Ramírez & Hornung
 A. Plants in habitat. B. Comparative size of a staminate inflorescence and rosette. C. Central origin of the inflorescence according to the strict sympodium growth pattern. D. Details of staminate flowers at anthesis. E. Staminate inflorescence showing position of branches and flowers arrangement. F. Pistillate flowers at anthesis.
 Photographs by Claudia T. Hornung-Leoni

Hechtia deceptrix I. Ramírez & Hornung, spec. nov. 
This new species shares with Hechtia epigyna the epigynous flowers but it differs in its larger overall vegetative size, in its strict sympodium growth pattern with terminal inflorescence (vs. pseudomonopodial with lateral inflorescence), glabrous adaxial foliar surface (vs. white lepidote), green petals (vs. pink) in fresh flowers, and erect fruits (vs. pendulous). 

Etymology:— The specific Latin epithet, deceptrix means deceiver, after the fact that the new species was confused with Hechtia epigyna when first collected by A. Espejo and collaborators.

Ivon Ramirez, Claudia T. Hornung-Leoni, Manuel González-Ledesma and Jacinto Treviño. 2015. A New Species of Hechtia (Bromeliaceae: Hechtioideae) from Hidalgo (Mexico).
Phytotaxa. 221(2). DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.221.2.5