Friday, June 10, 2016

[Botany • 2016] Gambeya korupensis • A New Rain Forest Tree Species (Sapotaceae: Chrysophylloideae) from the Southwest Region in Cameroon

Gambeya korupensis  
  Ewango & Kenfack


Gambeya korupensis Ewango & Kenfack (Sapotaceae: Chrysophylloideae), a new rain forest tree species from the Southwest Region in Cameroon, is described and illustrated. A distribution map is provided. G. korupensis has the leaf blade below pubescent on the midribs and secondary nerves, flowers with a pedicel 0.5 – 1 mm long, and a fruit which is ovoid, attenuate at the apex, 5-ridged, verrucose between the ridges, and bright red at maturity. The conservation status of G. korupensis is assessed as Vulnerable according to IUCN criteria.

Key Words: Chrysophyllum; conservation; IUCN Vulnerable; Korup National Park

Fig. 2 Gambeya korupensis. A habit, flowering shoots with leaves; B flower bud with two sepals removed to display corolla; C corolla opened flat; D part of corolla; E stamen, adaxial (left) and abaxial (right) views; F lateral view of flower at later stage showing elongated sepals; G lateral view of flower with two sepals removed, showing ovary and style; H diagram showing aestivation of sepals; shaded sepals are those removed in G; J gynoecium, with hairs partly removed to show position of ovary; K enlargement of lobed stigma; L fruiting shoot with leaf; M fruit, apical view; N fruit, vertical cross-section; P seed, three views; Q hairs on leaf abaxial surface, in situ; R selection of hairs from petiole, viewed from side; S selection of hairs from sepal, viewed from above.
A – K, Q – S from Burgt 763 L – P from Burgt 950. drawn by andrew p. brown. 

Corneille E. N. Ewango , David Kenfack, Moses Nsanyi Sainge, Duncan W. Thomas and Xander M. van der Burgt. 2016. Gambeya korupensis (Sapotaceae: Chrysophylloideae), A New Rain Forest Tree Species from the Southwest Region in Cameroon. Kew Bulletin. 71:28. DOI: 10.1007/s12225-016-9633-x