Wednesday, November 30, 2011

[Mammalogy • 2011] Rhinolophus schnitzleri • A new horseshoe bat (Chiroptera, Rhinolophidae) from Yunnan Province, southwestern China

Holotype: Rhinolophus schnitzleri

Schnitzler’s horseshoe bat
Rhinolophus schnitzleri Wu & Thong, 2011

A new species of the genus Rhinolophus is described from Yunnan Province, southwestern China. The new taxon belongs to the Rhinolophus philippinensis-group” and is distinguished by differences in the nose-leaf structures, craniodental characteristics, and bacular features.

Key words: China, Chiroptera, new species, Rhinolophus, taxonomy

Etymology: Rhinolophus schnitzleri is named after Professor Hans Ulrich Schnitzler of the University of Tübingen, Germany, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the study of horseshoe bats. The proposed English name is “Schnitzler’s horseshoe bat”.

Type locality of Rhinolophus schnitzleri

Distribution: To date, Rhinolophus schnitzleri is only known from the type locality (Fig. 6). Further studies are required to determine if it is more widely distributed in southwestern China or present in adjacent areas of Myanmar, Vietnam, or Lao PDR.

Habitat: Little is known of the habitat preferences or behaviour of R. schnitzleri. The holotype was captured from a cave surrounded by cultivated areas, within a distance of 200 meters to the closest village, and about 50 kilometers to Kunming City. Other bat species captured at the cave during the same night were Rhinolophus macrotis [large form], R. marshalli, R. sinicus, and an unidentified Myotis species.

Wu, Yi and Thong, Vu Dinh. 2011. A New Species of Rhinolophus (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) from China