Tuesday, July 20, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Shoubiaonia yunnanensis (Amaryllidaceae) • A New Genus from Yunnan Province, China

Shoubiaonia yunnanensis W.H. Qin, W.Q. Meng & K. Liu

in Qin, Meng, Zhang, ... et Liu, 2021. 
Shoubiaonia yunnanensis is described here as a new genus and species of Amaryllidaceae from Yunnan Province, southwest China. Phylogenetic analyses based on DNA sequences of nuclear ribosomal ITS and three plastid regions (matK, ndhF and rbcL) strongly support Shoubiaonia as a member in the tribe Lycorideae of the Eurasian clade of Amaryllidaceae. However, morphologically S. yunnanensis is readily distinguished from the other genera in the Eurasian clade by its 2-valved spathe, 3-lobed stigma, ovary with two ovules per locule and silver black, subglobose seeds. The new genus is the second genus of the subfamily Amaryllidoideae distributed in natural habitat in China.

Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, new genus, Shoubiaonia, Shoubiaonia yunnanensis

Shoubiaonia yunnanensis W.H. Qin, W.Q. Meng & K. Liu. gen. & sp. nov.

Etymology: The genus epithet Shoubiaonia honors Pro. Shoubiao Zhou from Anhui Normal University, who worked on plant diversity and taxonomy, including Amaryllidaceae and Gesneriaceae, and made important contributions to the subtropical flora in China.

Vernacular name: Shou biao suan shu (守标蒜属) (Chinese), Yun nan shou biao suan (云南守标蒜) (Chinese).

Wei-Hua Qin, Wei-Qi Meng, Dong Zhang, Ying Wang, Zhong-Lin Li, Lu Sun and Kun Liu. 2021. A New Amaryllidaceae Genus, Shoubiaonia, from Yunnan Province, China. Nordic Journal of Botany. DOI: 10.1111/njb.02703