Tuesday, July 20, 2021

[Herpetology • 2021] Amolops teochew • A New Species of Torrent Frog (Anura, Ranidae) from the Coastal Hills of Southeastern China


Amolops teochew
Zeng, Wang, Lyu & Wang, 2021

The Amolops populations in the coastal hills in eastern Guangdong and southern Fujian, China, were controversially recorded as A. hongkongensis or A. daiyunensis before. In this study, based on the morphological examination and phylogenetic analysis of the specimens from these areas, a new species, Amolops teochew sp. nov., is described. Amolops teochew sp. nov. can be distinguished reliably from A. hongkongensis and A. daiyunensis by a combination of characteristics morphologically and distinct divergences genetically. The description of the new species highlights the Amolops diversity in the limited hilly region of southeastern China, which is remarkably higher than that in the more extensive inland region of southeastern China.

Keywords: Amolops daiyunensis group, Amolops hongkongensis, Amolops teochew sp. nov., biogeography, chresonymy, morphology, phylogeny, Amphibia

 Amolops teochew sp. nov.

Zhao-Chi Zeng, Jian Wang, Zhi-Tong Lyu and Ying-Yong Wang. 2021. A New Species of Torrent Frog (Anura, Ranidae, Amolops) from the Coastal Hills of Southeastern China. Zootaxa. 5004(1); 151-166. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.5004.1.6