Saturday, July 31, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Impatiens bullatisepala (Balsaminaceae) • A New Species from Guizhou, China

Impatiens bullatisepala G.W. Hu, Y.Y. Cong & Q.F. Wang

 in Peng, Cong, Tian, ... et Wang, 2021.
泡萼凤仙花 || DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.500.3.5

Impatiens bullatisepala (Balsaminaceae), a new species supported by morphological and phylogenetic evidence from Fanjing Mountain, Guizhou province in China, is described here. It is morphologically similar to I. davidii but can be distinguished by its dorsally ridged lateral sepals with sunk reticulate veins and bullate projections on abaxial surface, 2–2.5 cm deep saccate lower sepal with ca. 0.8 cm long narrowly triangular tip at the mouth, and broadly ovate dorsal petal. Phylogenetic analyses of a combined dataset of nuclear ITS and plastid atpB-rbcL intergenic spacer DNA sequences furtherly confirmed its novelty.

Keywords: Impatiens davidii, new taxon, taxonomy, Balsaminaceae, Eudicots

Figure 1: Impatiens bullatisepala G.W. Hu, Y.Y. Cong & Q.F. Wang
 A. Plant in nature habit; B. Flower bud; C. Flower lateral view; D. Flower front view; e. Different parts of a flower; F. Fruit. Scale bars: B-F = 1 cm. Photographed by Shuai Peng.

Figure 2.  Impatiens bullatisepala G.W. Hu, Y.Y. Cong & Q.F. Wang A-D:
A. Flower bud; B. Flower lateral view; C. Flower front view; D. Different parts of a flower.
Impatiens davidii E-K: E & I. Flower bud; F & J. Flower lateral view; G. Flower front view; H & K. Different parts of a flower.

Scale bars: A-K = 1 cm. A-D & I-K: photographed by Shuai Peng, E-H: photographed by Guang-Wan Hu 
(A-D from S. Peng PS-0052 in HIB, E-H from G.-W. Hu & S. Peng HGW-001138 in HIB, I-K from S. Peng PS-0051 in HIB).

Impatiens bullatisepala G.W. Hu, Y.Y. Cong & Q.F. Wang sp. nov.

Etymology:— The specific epithet “bullatisepala” refers to the lateral sepals with bullate projections netted in sunk reticulate veins on abaxial surface. The Chinese name is “泡萼凤仙花”.

 Shuai Peng, Yi-Yan Cong, Jing Tian, Cai-Fei Zhang, Guang-Wan Hu and Qing-Feng Wang. 2021. Impatiens bullatisepala (Balsaminaceae), A New Species from Guizhou, China. Phytotaxa. 500(3); 217–224. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.500.3.5