Wednesday, June 9, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Antheroporum puudjaae (Fabaceae: Millettieae) • A New Species from Northern Thailand


Antheroporum puudjaae Mattapha & Tetsana

in Mattapha & Tetsana, 2021.
ทลายเขาพูดจา ||  DOI: 10.20531/tfb.2021.49.1.16  

Antheroporum puudjaae, a new species discovered in Northern Thailand, is described and illustrated. It differs from other described species of Antheroporum by its drooping inflorescences and oblong fruits with 2–4 seeds. The generic description is expanded based on these new characters. An emended key to the species for the Flora of Thailand is also provided.

Keywords: Genus Antheroporum emended, Leguminosae, Millettia, Nan Province, taxonomy

Antheroporum puudjaae Mattapha & Tetsana;
A. Leaves; B. Inflorescence; C. Floral bud; D. Stamens and calyx; E. Wings, a side view showing the wing petal strongly curved backward; F. Keel; H. Stamens; I. Ovary
(all drawn from Tetsana et al. 1710 (BKF). 
Illustrations by O. Kerdkaew.

Antheroporum puudjaae Mattapha & Tetsana.
A. Twig and leaves. B. Drooping inflorescences borne on the old branch. C. Part of inflorescence showing close-up of flowers. D. Fruit E. Seed.
A–C. by N. Tetsana. D–E. from La-Ongsri et al.1825 (QBG) by S. Mattapha.

Antheroporum puudjaae Mattapha & Tetsana, sp. nov. 

Resembles Antheroporum pierrei in having compound leaves, pseudoracemes with (1 or) 2 flowers per node, and monadelphous stamens, but differs by possessing more leaflets (9–11 in A. puudjaae vs (1–)5–7 in A. pierrei), drooping inflorescences (vs erect in A. pierrei), shorter but broader standard limb (6.5–7 × 8–8.5 mm in A. puudjaae vs 7–10 × 3–5 mm in A. pierrei), longer claws of petals (5–6 mm long in A. puudjaae vs 2.5–3 mm long in A. pierrei), ovules 2–4 (vs 1–2 in A. pierrei), oblong and cylindrical fruits (vs subglobose to slightly oblong in A. pierrei) and longer fruits (8–10 cm long vs 3–4 cm long in A. pierrei).


Ecology.— On limestone mountains and dry evergreen forest, at ca 700 m.

Etymology.— The specific epithet is named in honour of Mr Pachok Puudjaa, who has long been collecting plants for the Flora of Thailand project.
 Vernacular.— Tha lai khao phut cha (ทลายเขาพูดจา).

    Sawai Mattapha and Naiyana Tetsana. 2021. Antheroporum puudjaae (Millettieae: Fabaceae), A New Species from Thailand. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany). 49(1); 130-134. DOI: 10.20531/tfb.2021.49.1.16