Thursday, June 24, 2021

[Botany • 2020] Ipomoea bonsai (Convolvulaceae) • A Magnificent New Species from the Caatinga Domain, Brazil

Ipomoea bonsai D. Santos & Alencar

in Santos, Alencar, Loiola & Buril, 2020. 

A new species of Ipomoea (Convolvulaceae), endemic to the Caatinga domain of northeastern Brazil, is described and illustrated. Ipomoea bonsai has often been misidentified as I. brasiliana or I. subincana in herbarium collections, probably due to the densely pubescent and brochidodromous leaves of all three species. The new species is a shrub, with unexpectedly robust stems and scandent branches. A diagnosis, with a complete morphological description, illustrations, taxonomic comments, conservation status, distribution map, and photographs are presented.

Keywords: Biodiversity; Serra das Almas; endemic species; taxonomy

Ipomoea bonsai D. Santos & Alencar.
A. I. bonsai population. B. Trunk at the base of the plant. C. Trailing stems. D. Bud. E. Calyx and bracteoles. F. Inflorescence. 
Photos by F. C. P. Costa and J. Alencar. 

Ipomoea bonsai D. Santos & Alencar.
 A. Habit. B. Branch. C. Sepals. D. Androecium. E. Gynoecium. F. Fruit. G. Seeds.
 Drawn from the holotype by R. Carvalho.

Ipomoea bonsai D. Santos & Alencar

Diego Santos, Juliana Alencar, Maria Iracema Bezerra Loiola and Maria Teresa Buril. 2020. Ipomoea bonsai (Convolvulaceae), A Magnificent New Species from the Caatinga Domain, Brazil.  Systematic Botany. 45(3); 652-657. DOI: 10.1600/036364420X15935295449907