Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Botany • 2015] Durio johoricus • A New Species and A New Variety of Durio Adans. (Malvaceae) from Peninsular Malaysia

Durio johoricus  Salma 


 A new species of Durio, D. johoricus Salma, sp. nov. and one new variety, D.
singaporensis Ridl. var. jerangauensis Salma, var. nov. are described.

Keywords : Durio, Bombacaceae, Peninsular Malaysia, new species

Durio johoricus, flowers at base of trunk

•  Durio johoricus Salma sp. nov.  
Diagnosis: Durione malaccensi floribus rubris, petalis intus pilis densis stellatis, tubo staminali
intus pilis stellatis squamis fimbriatis, fructibus rubris, arillis semina totus obtectis differt.

Distribution: Endemic in Peninsular Malaysia, known only from Johor. Living specimens have also been observed in the Endau-Rompin FR, Selai FR and Segamat FR.

Ecology: In mixed dipterocarp forest, on hill slopes and rocky hills up to 170 m a.s.l.

Etymology: The species is named after the Johor state, the locality where it was found.

•  Durio singaporensis Ridl. var. jerangauensis Salma var. nov.  

Diagnosis: A varietate typica petalibus maioribus (7.7-9 cm longis nec 5-7 cm longis), epicalyce non persistenti, fructibus magnis (10-13 cm longis nec 4-9 cm) ellipsoideis apice acuto differt.

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Peninsular Malaysia. Malayan Nature Journal. 67(4); 421-418.

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