Monday, August 3, 2015

[Botany • 2015] Rhynchanthus bluthianus Wittm. (Zingiberaceae), A New Record for Thailand

Rhynchanthus bluthianus Wittm.:
FIGURE 1. A. plant habit; B. inflorescence; C. inflorescence; D. dissected flower: d1 – bract, d2 – bracteole, d3 – calyx, d4 – dorsal corolla lobe, d5 – lateral corolla lobes, d6 – ovary, corolla tube, staminal tube, filament and anther.
N. Muangyen, et al. 2015. ||


Rhynchanthus bluthianus, from Mae Hong Son Province, is newly recorded for Thailand.

Keywords: Rhynchanthus, Zingiberaceae, Mae Hong Son, Thailand

Thailand.— NORTHERN: Mae Hong Son (Sob Moei).

Distribution.— Myanmar.

Ecology.— Epiphyte on tree trunk, montain forest, ca. 1,200 m alt.

Notes.— Two species of Rhynchanthus in Thailand belong to the few-flowered group. The major difference of both species is colour of flower. Rhynchanthus bluthianus is distinguishable from R. longiflorus by its pinkish white corolla and filament (vs. yellow corolla and filament). Type specimen of R. bluthianus is assumed (from the first publication) to be deposited in the Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum BerlinDahlem (B) and may be lost in the fire of the museum in 1943 (Dr. Robert Vogt, curator, pers. comm.).

Nattee Muangyen, Wittaya Pongamornkul and Charun Maknoi. 2015. Rhynchanthus bluthianus (Zingiberaceae), A New Record for Thailand. Thai Journal of Botany. 7(1); 79-81.