Saturday, August 15, 2015

[Botany • 2015] Begonia yapenensis • A New Species (sect. Symbegonia, Begoniaceae) from Papua, Indonesia

Fig. 1. Begonia yapenensis M.Hughes sp. nov. (sect. Symbegonia, Begoniaceae)

cultivated specimen at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, accession 20090830. 
A. Whole plant showing spreading habit (scale bar = 5 cm). B. Female fl ower and ovary (left, corolla dissected; right, corolla entire) (scale bar = 1 cm). C. Cross section of ovary showing three locules with bilamellate placentae (scale bar = 1 cm). D. Stigmas (scale bar = 5 mm). E. Male fl ower (bottom, corolla dissected; upper, corolla entire; scale bar = 10 cm).

 A new species, Begonia yapenensis M.Hughes, in Begonia section Symbegonia (Begoniaceae) is described and diagnosed against Begonia sympapuana. The new species is endemic to Yapen Island, Papua, Indonesia, and is currently known from a single collection.

Mark Hughes, Sadie Barber, Charlie D Heatubun and Janet Gagul. 2015. Begonia yapenensis (sect. Symbegonia, Begoniaceae), A New Species from Papua, Indonesia. European Journal of Taxonomy. 119:1-6.