Friday, April 23, 2021

[Botany • 2020] Rheum telianum (Polygonaceae) • A New Species from Southeastern Anatolia (Turkey)

Rheum telianum İlçim 

in İlçim & Karahan, 2020.
Rheum telianum is described as a new species from Kayatepe village (south-eastern Anatolia, Turkey). It is morphologically related to the west-central Asiatic R. ribes and R. rhizostachyum from which can be easily distinguish by its stem surface (slightly verrucose), leaf number, shape, and size (usually 1-basal leaf or rarely with a small one at base, reniform-rotate, 6.5–100 × 4.5–56 cm), achene shape and size (cordate-triangular, 8–15 × 8–16 mm). The distribution, notes on ecology, and conservation status of the new species are also provided.

Keywords: Eudicots, Endemic, new species, Rheum, Rhubarb, taxonomy, Turkey

Rheum telianum İlçim, sp. nova

Diagnosis:—Rheum telianum is morphological similar to R. ribes and R. rhizostachyum from which differs by the stem surface slightly verrucose [vs. strongly verrucose in the other two species), usually 1 basal leaf [vs. usually 2(–5) basal leaves and usually 1–3 basal leaves], leaf surface warty (vs. bullate and densely papilliferous), achenes cordate-triangular (vs. triquetrus or ovoid-ellipsoid in the other two species), achene apex retuse (vs. obtuse in the other two species), surface of the central part of achene greenish-brown (vs. reddish-brown torulose in the other two species).

Etymology:—The specific epithet is derived from the name of Botanist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Zafer Tel who collected this new species in first place. The Turkish name of the new species is given as “Tel ışkını” based on the related guidelines of Menemen et al. (2016).

Ahmet İlçim and Faruk Karahan. 2020. Rheum telianum (Polygonaceae), A New Species from Southeastern Anatolia (Turkey). Phytotaxa.  477(1); 81–89. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.477.1.6