Friday, April 16, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Begonia bangsamoro (Begoniaceae, section Petermannia) • A New Species from Mindanao Island, the Philippines


 Begonia bangsamoro D.P.Buenavista, Pranada & Y.P. Ang

in Buenavista, Ang, Pranada, ... et McDonald, 2021.

Begonia bangsamoro, a new Philippine Begonia species from the section Petermannia is described and illustrated. The new species was discovered in the fragmented riparian forest of Lanao del Sur, along the Ginapukan river in Wao, Mindanao island, Philippines. The previous collections also revealed that it occurs in the nearby province of Bukidnon. Begonia bangsamoro is distinguished from other Philippine Begonia by its lacerate leaf margins, terminal inflorescences, 4-tepaled staminate flowers, and sparsely hirsute ovaries. The new species is compared with the phenetically similar B. quercifolia. Based on IUCN Red List criteria, B. bangsamoro is designated as Endangered (EN).

Keywords: Eudicots, endemic, Begonia quercifolia, eudicots, Cucurbitales, Lanao del Sur, Malesia, taxonomy

 Begonia bangsamoro D.P.Buenavista, Pranada & Y.P. Ang 


Dave P. Buenavista, Yu Pin Ang, Mc Andrew Pranada, Daryl S. Salas, Eefke Mollee and Morag McDonald. 2021. Begonia bangsamoro (Begoniaceae, section Petermannia), A New Species from Mindanao Island, the Philippines. Phytotaxa. 497(1); 39–48. DOI: 10.11646/phytotaxa.497.1.4