Tuesday, April 27, 2021

[Botany • 2021] Saxifraga × klimesii (Saxifragaceae) • A New Natural Hybrid in Saxifraga sect. Porphyrion Tausch from Himalaya

Saxifraga ×klimesii Hajman, Horák & Hroneš

in Horák, Hajman, Hroneš & Pavelka, 2021.

A new natural hybrid Saxifraga ×klimesii Hajman, Horák & Hroneš from Ladakh (NW India) is described and illustrated. This hybrid resulted from cross between Saxifraga meeboldii Engler & Irmscher and Saxifraga pulvinaria Harry Smith. The morphology of the hybrid plants and its parental taxa was evaluated using morphometric analysis of both living plants and herbarium specimens. An artificial cross was also made to compare its morphology with spontaneous hybrids. Ploidy level and relative genome size was established using flow cytometry. Saxifraga ×klimesii is intermediate in morphology and relative genome size between both parents. It differs from S. meeboldii by shorter and wider rosette leaves and lighter yellow, larger and wider petals and from S. pulvinaria by larger rosettes, often more than one pore on leaves and usually yellow coloured petals. A lectotype is selected for S. pulvinaria.

Keywords: Alpine flora, hybridisation, Ladakh, taxonomy, typification, Saxifraga

Saxifraga ×klimesii Hajman, Horák & Hroneš

David Horák, Martin Hajman, Michal Hroneš and Mojmír Pavelka. 2021. A New Natural Hybrid in Saxifraga sect. Porphyrion Tausch (Saxifragaceae). Phytotaxa. 498(1); 25–34. DOI:  10.11646/phytotaxa.498.1.3

Its parents are Saxifraga meeboldii and Saxifraga pulvinaria. It occurs in Ladakh, Himalaya and it is named in honor of czech botanist Leoš Klimeš who was probably its first observer.